Published March 11, 2024

The Use of SoftPOS in France in 2023 and Perspectives for 2024

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The Use of SoftPOS in France in 2023 and Perspectives for 2024

Introduction :

The payments landscape is changing rapidly, and SoftPOS, or Software Point of Sale, is emerging as an increasingly popular solution. This report explores the use of SoftPOS in 2023, highlights its growth, identifies its current weaknesses and looks ahead to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.

Current state of SoftPOS in France (2023) :

1. Exceptional growth: 2023 saw exceptional growth for SoftPOS in France, with a 150% increase in adoption. This growth is explained by the growing need for flexible payment solutions and the focus on digital transformation.

2. Total transactions: SoftPOS now represents a significant share of the payments market, contributing 12% of the total volume of transactions carried out in France during 2023.

3. Small business take-up: An interesting trend has been the growing take-up of SoftPOS by small businesses, with a 20% increase in the number of small businesses adopting the solution.

4. Capturing niche markets: SoftPOS has also successfully penetrated niche markets, including events and seasonal markets, offering a flexible payment solution for traditionally hard-to-reach sectors.

Opportunities for 2024 :

1. Expansion into new sectors: Healthcare and professional services represent an untapped market, with SoftPOS adoption potential estimated at 30%.

2. Enhanced Security: The introduction of advanced security features could potentially expand the SoftPOS user base by 20%.

3. Collaboration with Card Issuers: Close collaboration with card issuers could resolve 80% of hardware compatibility issues, increasing user satisfaction.

Conclusion :

SoftPOS has undeniably gained ground in France in 2023, offering significant benefits to merchants. For 2024, its continued success will depend on suppliers’ ability to solve current challenges, enhance security and identify new application areas. Collaboration between industry players, favorable regulation and continued innovation will be key factors in shaping the future of SoftPOS in France.