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The shopping experience has become key for in-store retail. It must be innovative, ideal, and as original as possible to attract and retain consumers. By bringing many constraints, the health crisis has made the customer experience a growing concern in terms of business development and brand image. These new expectations must be associated with fast, secure and efficient payment.

Thanks to the originality and agility of Nepting’s cloud platform, Merchants, Distributors, Payment Institutions, Banks, Payment Service Providers, Fintechs, Acquirers… access a centralized real time acceptance technology that allows them to anticipate these behavioral changes.

Our Experiences

On the Move

For deliveries, on a marketplace, in a pop-up store, to reduce the wait at the end of the checkout… Thanks to NEPTING Technology, a merchant can access many tools:

  • Mobile devices
  • Mini Terminals
  • Android terminals of various sizes and formats
  • mPOS paired with the user’s Smartphone
  • SoftPOS or Tap on Phone on the merchant’s smartphone
Our Experiences

In Store

Super and hyper market, mini market, corners, catering, hotels, parking … In connected mode or fully integrated with the POS… NEPTING’s Technology allows a payment solution provider to offer a wide range of customer interaction tools:

  • Pinpad
  • Traditional terminals (LINUX)
  • Android devices

On Pay Station

Reduce the waiting time for ordering and manage payment at the same time in fast food, restaurants… Accelerate payments and checkout for customers in a hurry, manage a car park, a cinema room… NEPTING’s Technology, allows today’s merchants to create new retail journey thanks to its wide range of unattended technology

  • Bornes all in one
  • In several modules
  • Pinpad connected to screens
Our Experiences
Our Experiences
Our Experiences

Transportation – Transit

To be able to make a payment at 300 km per hour, as if you would standstill, while having a central vision of the activity… This is the challenge that NEPTING has taken up thanks to its cloud technology that works even if the connection is weak.

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In Digital

Allow its consumers to buy online, retrieve their purchases in-store, manage a loyalty program recognized all over the world… are some of the challenges that NEPTING can meet thanks to its original omnichannel technology that allows the management of the card token directly on the platform. The merchant can thus freely choose the payment partners that best suite to their global network.

Our Experiences
Our Experiences

For each of these moments NEPTING unleash the merchants’ imagination to build new retail experiences.